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Step 5: He sees everything as his own self.

Principle: Integrity

In the 49th verse the Tao is asking us to live beyond our judgment of others. We are being given a formula for learning to live harmoniously with each other. It requires us to replace criticism, judgment and prejudice with acceptance, kindness, and appreciation. This conversion does not happen instantly; it requires practice and discipline. We can begin by replacing our critical and judgmental thoughts with just noticing others without evaluating or assessing them. The next step is to identify something in the other that is similar to yourself. Look for the common ground - focus on the similarities not the differences. The way of the Tao is to see ourselves in others and to experience the oneness of all creation.

Text or Verse

The sage has no fixed mind; he is aware of the needs of others.

Those who are good he treats with goodness.
Those who are bad he also treats with goodness
because the nature of his being is good.

He is kind to the kind.
He is also kind to the unkind
because the nature of his being is kindness.

He is faithful to the faithful;
He is also faithful to the unfaithful.
The sage lives in harmony with all below heaven.
He sees everything as his own self;
he loves everyone as his own child.

All people are drawn to him.
He behaves like a little child.
49th Verse
Tao Te Ching


Nothing is more outwardly visible than the secrets of the heart, nothing more obvious than what one attempts to conceal.


  1. Make a commitment to this practice for one day.
  2. Every time you become aware that you are judging someone, stop, and switch to just observing them.
  3. Notice who they are. If it is someone you know well, bring to mind a positive aspect of their personality or a gratitude you have for there being in your life.
  4. Notice some aspect of who they are that is like yourself. Allow this to form a stronger bridge of understanding between you.
  5. Continuing focusing on the similarities and then shift your attention to some aspect that is very different from you. Don't judge it, just notice it.
  6. Express your gratitude to the Creator for the diversity in the world which is responsible for the variegated and magnificent whole.


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