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Step 8: Risk returning injury with kindness.

Principle: Love

When there is hurt, "someone must risk returning injury with kindness, or hostility will never turn to goodwill." There must be an offering of kindness, love and authentic forgiveness. The cosmos continuously demonstrates that within chaos we will find tranquility and vice-versa. This is characterized in the symbol of the yin and yang. Within the dark we find a speck of light. As we come to live in the way of the Tao, we learn to let go of anger and resentment in order to create space for love and kindness to flow. Source is always giving, always creating, and new life is always emerging. This is the way of the Universe.

Text or Verse

After a bitter quarrel, some resentment remains.
What can one do about it?
Being content with what you have
is always best in the end.

Someone must risk returning injury with kindness,
or hostility will never turn to goodwill.
So the wise always give without expecting gratitude.

One with true virtue always seeks a way to give.
One who lacks true virtue always seeks a way to get.
To the giver comes the fullness of life:
to the taker, just an empty hand.
79th Verse
Tao Te Ching


The next time you quarrel or find yourself at odds with someone, ask yourself this question - "What would Love do here?" Once you have the answer, go do it as quickly as you can!


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