The Purpose

This interactive web site provides an easy-to-use instrument which demonstrates how the universal principles found in the 12 Steps of A.A., are also found in each of the wisdom traditions.

The Invitation

Please accept this invitation to cross the traditional boundaries of religion, history and culture to merge what you already know with a more transcendent realization that these universal principles are rooted in all the wisdom traditions.

The Response

Because these principles are commonly shared, held sacred by most, and practiced by many throughout the world, we can begin to realize we live in a world of common unity. Over time this realization may become so true, so personal, and so integrated into our belief system that we will act from an unprecedented understanding that we are one universal species on the planet who share common ground. We will have a heightened awareness of the richness of our diversity. Our moral imperative will be to seek communion with one another while appreciating our abundant differentiation.