January 2021:

Veterans in Recovery (A Landmark Study) 

December 2020: 

A.A. to Zoom, Substance Abuse Treatment Goes Online 

November 2020: 

The Paradox of Power in 12-Step Recovery 

October 2020:

The Power of Virtual Group Therapy During a Time of Quarantine 

September 2020: 

The Illuminating Recovery of Dr. Oliver Sachs 

August 2020:

How Online Rehab and Virtual Recovery Works

Recovery After the Pandemic 

July 2020:

AA Proven Effective for Abstinence

Lama Atisha’s Lamp for the Path to Enlightment

June 2020: 

The Patriarchy of Alcoholics Anonymous

12 Steps of Recovery from White Conditioning 

May 2020: 

For Those Struggling to Stay Sober, Coronavirus Shutdowns Offer Hope as Well as Temptation 

In The Rooms 

April 2020: 

Ben Affleck Tried to Drink Away the Pain, Now He’s Trying Honesty 

The Digitalization of Recovery: Supporting Those Left Behind 

March 2020: 

Recovery Needs More Spirituality

A Review of the Evidence found that A A works – for Some 

January/February 2020:

Research Study: Is Level of 12-Step Facilitation Associated with Treatment Outcomes?

What Does It Mean to Have a Serious Drinking Problem? 

November/December 2019:

Why Long-term Monitoring Means Succes for Licensed Professionals and General Recovery

The Creation of AA and Its Ionic Text 

October 2019:

Medication Assisted Treatment – Q & A 

September 2019:

What is Family Therapy for Addiction & How Can it Help my Family?

August 2019:

Why AA Works – Response to article by Gabrielle Glaser in April The Atlantic 

July 2019:

Radical Hope and Recovery Initiation 

June 2019: 

Came to Believe

May 2019:

2019 Guide to Smart Recovery 

April, 2019: 

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Addiction 

March 2019:

Women and Alcohol – Butler Center for Research

Februay 2019:

Y12SR Yoga – 12 Step Yoga and Recovery

January 2019: 

My Relationships with White Bison Founder Don Coyhis 

December 2018: 

Book Review: If You Love Me – A Mother’s Journey Through Her Daughter’s Addiction

November 2018: 

Heroes of Early Black A.A.

October 2018: 

Applications of Positive Psychology to Substance Use Disorder

September 2018:

Book Review: The Recovering

August, 2018: 

The Twelve Steps of Forgiveness

July 2018: 

Book Review: The Great Way of All Beings (Renderings of Lao Tzu)

April 2018: 

A Story to Get Sober In – (Does Recovery Kill Great Writing?) 

March 2018:

Book Extract: Recovery. By Russell Brand (Comedian & Actor) 

February 2018:

Book Review: Why Buddhism is True 

January 2018:

How Iceland Kicked Teen Drinking 

December, 2017

He Wanted to Stay Sober. So He Surrounded Himself with Drinkers

November, 2017 

Let’s Open Up About Addiction and Recovery

October, 2017:

Fishing for Hope in the Face of Addiction 

September, 2017: 

Trump, Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood and the 12 Steps

August, 2017: 

The Long Slow Road: A Recovery Reflection 

June, 2017: 

Book Review: God Explained 

May, 2017:

Book Review: The Steps of My Life 

April 2017:

Apostates Anonymous 

The Impact of Meditation on the Brain during Addiction Treatment 

March 2017:

Zen Path Through Depression – Book Review

February 2017:

Prayers of 11 Faiths 

January 2017:

Transcript of NPR Interview with Authors: Out of the Wreck I Rise

November 2016: 

Categorical 12-Step Involvement and Continuous Abstinence – a 2-year Study 

September 2016: 

Book Review: Out of the Wreck I Rise; A Literary Companion to Recovery

August 2016:

If You Work It, It Works: The Science Behind 12 Step Recovery

Steps to the Great Perfection:The Mind Training Tradition of the Dzogchen Masters 

July 2016: 

The Risk of Addiction in the Transgender Community 

June 2016:

Initial fMRI Study on Neural Correlates of Prayer in Members of AA 

May 2016:

Doctors Should Pause before Dismissing the 12 Steps Approach to Addiction 

April 2016: 

Book Review: The Essence of 12 Step Recovery 

Mindfulness Meditation Could Replace Opioid-Based Pain Relief, Lower Addiction Rates 

March 2016:

AA and the Atlantic: A Call for Better Science 

February 2016: 

AA: Science vs. Sensationalism 

January 2016: 

Recovery Schools Save Teen Addicts – So Why Aren’t There More of Them?

December 2015: 

AA Agnostica Reviews: A Woman’s Way through the 12 Steps 

Stephanie Covington: Pioneering a Woman’s Way to Recovery  

November 2015: 

The Future of Secular Alternatives to 12 Step Groups 

October 2015:

The Way of Recovery is Not Alone- Part II – Spirituality 

Another Look at Step 4 

September 2015:

A Social Network App for those Battling Addiction 

Online Support Groups not as Effective as Meetings 

August 2015: 

Stepping Stones Designated as National Historic Landmark

Through Yoga, A Path Beyond 12 Steps 

July 2015:

How to Find the Courage to Change 

How to Create Resilient Mindfulness 

June 2015: 

AA and the Challenge of Evidenced-based Medicine 

The Value of the 12 Steps in Treatment Today 

May 2015:

New App for Parents 

Restored to Sanity: Book Review of A Collection of Essays 

April 2015:

The Tree of Contemplative Practices

March 2015: 

75 Amazing Addiction Recovery Blogs 2015 

Commentary: The Power of Support Groups 

Not the Usual College Party (This One’s Sober)

February 2015:

Expanding the Anonymity Debate 

Book Review – Chasing the Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs 

January 2015: 

A Circle of Healing for Native Children Endangered by Drugs 

Spirituality and Addiction Recovery: An Interview with Ernie Kurtz, PhD 

December 2014: 

Cherokee Talking Circle

NIH/NIAAA Treatment for Alcohol Problems: A Guide to Finding and Getting Help 

November 2014: 

Letting Go of God: How 12-Step Programs are Losing Their Religion 

10 Studies that Shook the Addiction World 

October 2014: 

Book Review: Her Best-Kept Secret (Is AA Suited for Women?)

September 2014:

Secular Alcoholics Anonymous: Nonreligious Treatment for Nonreligious People

Robin Williams’ Life was Punctuated by Struggles with Alcohol, Cocaine   

August 2014:

Mandated AA Attendance and the Law

Naikan: Gratitude, Grace and the Japanese Art of Self-Reflection 

July 2014:

5 Summer Must-Reads that are Actually about Addiction 

June 2014: 

Understanding 12-Step Involvement from a Research Perspective 

A Guide to Alcohol Abuse and Recovery

May 2014: 

In Defense of the 12 Steps: What Science Really Tells Us about Addiction 

Book Review: Out of the Woods (Women New to Recovery) 

April 2014: 

The Role of Faith in Recovery 

Mindfulness Therapy Helps Prevent Drug and Alcohol Relapse

March 2014: 

Alcoholics Anonymous without the Religion 

The Mindful Practices of Alcoholics Anonymous 

February 2014:

Book Review: The Second Book of the Tao 

The Mindful Revolution 

January 2014:

Addiction Treatment and Your Health Care Coverage

Mindfulness: A Neural Basis for Benefits of Meditation

December 2013: 

Could ADHD Meds Promote Future Cocaine Use? 

November 2013:

“Life in Recovery”: Report on Faces & Voices of Recovery Survey Findings

October 2013: 

Book Review: Christ the Eternal Tao 

September 2013: 

The Pagnano Lab: Adolescent Addiction Recovery Research

A Power Greater than Ourselves

Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Why I Changed my Mind on Weed 

August 2013: 

The Little Book, A Collection of Alternative 12 Steps (A book review)

Taking the First Step into Petrolholics Anonymous 

July 2013:

Addiction, Public Policy & the Role of Anonymity

Why She Drinks: Women and Alcohol Abuse 

June 2013:

Sigmund Freud’s Cocaine Problem 

Commentary: DSM-5- New Addiction Terminology, Same Disease

May 2013: 

Recovery Using the 12 Steps 

Access to Health Care Services for Addiction Will Dramatically Improve 

April 2013:

Remembering the People who Shaped Addiction Treatment

Marty Mann’s Speech at the 25th Anniversary of High Watch 

March 2013:

Interview with David Sheff, Author of Clean 

Research Shows Free Addiction Treatment is Available 

February 2013: 

A New Approach to Jews with Addictions

Armstrong Broke World Records in Cycling, then Shattered them with Performance Enhancing Drugs 

January 2013: 

Anonymity of Addiction Hurts more than it Helps 

Obama’s POT Problems 

December 2012: 

Men and Women Appear to Benefit in Different Ways from AA Participation

Former Patriot Shares Story of Addiction 

November 2012: 

An Interview with Bill Moyers 

A Hopeful Sign for Our Most Neglected Disease 

October 2012: 

Enablng Whitney Houston to Death 

Drug Czar Says: Addiction is a Disease, Not a Moral Failure 

September 2012: 

Tribal “Wellness Court” Uses Native American Culture to Assist Addiction Recovery

10 Year Course of AA Participation and Long-term Outcomes: 
A Follow-Up Study of Outpatient Subjects in Project Match 

August 2012: 

Web-based Recovery Study Seeks Participants

The Comeback: Bill Clegg’s Ninety Days 

July 2012:

12-Step Support Groups and the Dual-Diagnosed: A Perspective 

The Ultimate Health Practice 

June 2012: 

Adapting 12-Step Programs for Teenagers 

Narcotics Anonymous: New Beginnings 

May 2012:

12-Step Meetings May Help Teens Beat Alcohol, Drug Abuse 

Cultural Points of Resistance to the 12-Step Recovery Process 

April 2012:

Commentary: Research-Informed Solutions to Substance Use Problems 

March 2012:

Unleashing Your Inner Power to Heal Addictions

The 12-Step Process in a New Light: Spirituality, Service & Reinforcement Theory 

February 2012:

Your Brain May be “Wired” for Addiction…But You do Not have to Surrender

Unraveling the Mysteries of Addiction Treatment and Recovery; An Interview with Rudolf Moos, PhD 

January 2012:

Twelve Wisdom Steps: Unifying Principles of the 12 Steps of A.A. Found in the Wisdom Traditions – Available in paperback and e-book 

Kate Middleton’s New Cause: Addiction and Recovery

Unifying Truths of the World’s Religions – About the Book

December 2011:

Circles of Recovery: An Interview with Keith Humphreys, PhD (Recovery Research) 

A New Thought Christmas 

November 2011: 

Background of Formal Religious Practice Helps Teens Get More Out of 12-Step Programs

Helping Others Helps Teens Stay On The Road To Addiction Recovery

October 2011: 

How Much Can the Brain Recover from Years of Excessive Alcohol Consumption?

Reframing Alcoholism: Researcher Argues Against ‘Disease’ Label 

September 2011: 

Study Explores How Alcoholics Anonymous Helps Members Stay Sober

Does Anonymity Fit into Recovery in the Social Media Era? 

August 2011: 

The God Problem

Buzz Aldrin – Man on a Mission 

July 2011: 

Buddha, Meditation & the 12 Steps

June 2011: 

Waiting: A Nonbeliever’s Higher Power

Narcotics Anonymous: Its History and Culture

May 2011:

Challenging the Second “A” in A.A. 

Book Review: “In The Rooms” by Tom Shone 

April 2011: 

The Future of AA, NA and Other Mutual Aid Organizations 

Alcoholics Anonymous Membership Survey

March 2011: 

Native American 12 Steps – Online Skins Meeting 

Book Review: “Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life” by Karen Armstrong

February 2011:

Depression, Psychotherapy and Divine Therapy

How Meditation May Change the Brain

Recovery Apps for your Phone 

January 2011:

Book Review: Centering Prayer and the Twelve Steps by Thomas Keating

Bestselling Books on World Wisdom

On-line 11th Step Meditation Meeting

Study Suggests Spirituality is Key to A.A 

Inspirational Gifts for your Spiritual Journey

December 2010: 

AA Original Manuscript Shows Debate Over Religion

AA’s Effectiveness Still a Mystery 

When Love is Not Enough, the Lois Wilson Story (order DVD) 

The Original Working Manuscript of AA is Now Available to Readers Everywhere